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OPM Sheet Music - Pinoy Themes atbp.


All music are owned by their respective owners. These sheets are merely a product of the web master's own interpretation of the song. In downloading the sheet music you are agreeing that they will be used only for personal, educational, and NON-commercial purposes.

The following music sheets are piano solos -- unless noted. Please email me at words3music@gmail.com if the link is broken.

These music sheet arrangements are inspired from the different Philippine TV Series -- thus I named this section Pinoy Themes. Mostly revival of Original Pilipino Music (OPM) classics, the music used in the series have become very familiar to the younger generation that even my 3-year old niece sings along with it. Hope to add more music other than OST so atbp (at iba pa, etc) will pretty much cover it. :)

firefox-gray Agua Bendita - based on the comics by Rod Santiago (I remember reading it in Liwayway magazine when I was a kid). Story of twins, the other one born in the form of water.
Malayo Pa Ang Umaga [midi]

firefox-gray Green Rose - this is the adaptaion of the Korean drama series that interweaves romance into a story of revenge.
Bumuhos Man Ang Ulan [midi]

firefox-gray Imortal - a sequel to 2008's Lobo. This time a love story between a she-wolf and a vampire.
Kahit Walang Sabihin [midi]
Walang Hanggan [midi]

firefox-gray Kahit Isang Saglit - a love story between an agent and a girl who met by chance. Conflict arose involving the girl's father whom they both look for.
Kahit Isang Saglit [midi] - sung by Martin Nievera. I arranged this long before the series came out (coz there's another movie then of the same title)

firefox-gray Lobo - the story revolves around the young lovers, a she-wolf and a human. This is the prequel to Imortal.
Ikaw Ang Pangarap [midi] - sung by Martin Nievera. Another request by my uncle; he loves Martin Nievera.

firefox-gray Mutya - a fantasy series based on Pablo S. Gomez's comic of the same name. It is a story of a child mermaid who grew up in the midst of human civilization.
Sana [midi] - sung by Amy Nobleza, the same kid portraying Mutya's rival
Hanggang May Kailanman [midi] - I worked on this based on Carol Banawa's version since I couldn't get the MP3 from Mutya. I believe there's not much variation between the two so this may still pass as Mutya version. :)

firefox-gray Side A
Forevermore - Side A's hit single -- a classic love song used on weddings

firefox-gray Rivermaya
214 [midi] - This shall fall under "atbp" category :) Worked on this years ago but I recently improved on the arrangement for posting here.